Friday, August 29, 2008

Just thought I would share...

I seem to be obsessed with food these days so I thought I would share some of my favorite things. Nothing to special but all very yummy!
It is hard to find a better pizza than the garlic chicken gourmet pizza (minus the green onions) from Papa Murphy's. Seriously I am in love! It comes with this amazing white sauce that is hands down bettern than any red sauce. The only problem with this pizza is I have no self control when partaking and I eat so much I feel sick. So worth it.

Last week I think I had fruit pizza 3 different times and I loved every minute of it. I have come to the conclusion that if there was only one food left on this earth I would hope it would be fruit pizza. But now that I have said that I might take it back because it is a tough competition with all things chocolate, Olive Garden breadsticks, and the ever famous Chocolate Molten Cake at Chili's. All this talk is making me hungry for treats.

I have to give credit to Sara Payne for finding the recipe for Amish white bread. I think she got it off of It is delicious! And might I add easy. I think it is the best if you undercook it a bit so it is a little doughy. This recipe is definitely a keeper! I have already made it twice this week. Once with the intention of giving some away, but that didn't happen:). Click here for the recipe-

This is what our food storage consists of. I ALWAYS have at least one of these brownie mixes on hand. Even if you aren't a huge brownie fan I promise you will love these. The frosting makes them to die for (al a mode to make it even better)! I highly recommend you give them a try.
I am really trying to improve on my cooking and baking skills these days. Tacos, Hamburger Helper and Meatloaf are getting old so if anybody wants to share I would love some (easy) ideas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shoe Obsession...

I have never really had much of a shoe fettish for myself, but I can't get enough of the tiny baby shoes. I don't know if it is healthy but I treat Cambri like a little doll. I do want to mention that I got one of these pairs of shoes from Wal-Mart for $1.50. I found the shoes on a rack that said $1.50 but the description on the price tag didn't seem to fit the little shoes that were hanging on that rack. All the other shoes were closer to $7-$10. I put the shoes in my cart and decided that I would ask the cashier to find out how much they cost before I bought them. If they really weren't a $1.50 I wouldn't buy them. I told the cashier my story and he said "we will just ring them up as $1.50". I will have to remember that little trick the next time I do a run to the store for diapers.
The little one has been sick the last few days. This is all she has been doing.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day trip to Minnesota...

This last Wednesday I went with a few girlsfriends to Minnesota for a day of shopping and fun. Minnesota may not seem like that intriguing of a destination until you realize that it is the home of the Mall of America. Yes it is huge! But apparently only the 10th largest mall in the world. I have to admit that although I had fun with the girls the shopping experience was a bit depressing because there I was surrounded by all of my favorite stores (including H&M) and my conscience is telling me I shouldn't be spending money--due to the fact that I no longer have a job. I did give into the 50% off sale at Carter's and bought Cambri a cute outfit. Maybe if I didn't spend all our money on baby clothes I would be able to afford a new outfit for myself every once in a while. It seems so much easier to justify spending money if it is for the baby. I can't give too much of a sob story because my closet isn't really in need of more stuff. But at that moment I felt very picked on:). The rollercoaster in the middle of the mall. The amusement park was quite impressive.
All the girls. Megan and Cambri, Nathalie, Amanda, Leilani.
Hanging out at Minnehaha Falls.
Cambri was a really great sport all day long. That is until the drive home. I do have to give her some credit considering we left our apartment at 7:30am and didn't get home until 11:30pm. She got a little sick of her carseat and just wanted to be held on our drive home. She gave the other girls her best scream and we ended up having to stop so I could calm her down. My blood pressure was up a bit cause I was so stressed about making everyone else listen to her. When she cries at home it doesn't seem so dramatic, but in the confines of the car I was a bit stressed out. All things considered she really was a good baby and I think we have a shopper on our hands in the future.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl...

Most of my family thought Cambri looked more like me until we came across this picture of Nate. She really is daddy's little girl. Looks like the double chin came from me:).
It is probaby obvious but the top picture is Cambri and the bottom one is me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sleep Deprived...

Nate and I have been pretty addicted to the olympics. So much that I look like a zombie because I stay up way too late watching, even though I have to get up at 5:15am everyday. I can't even blame the sleep deprivation on Cambri because she is usually asleep by 11:00pm and sleeps until 7:00ish. But I just can't get enough of it. I am most into the gymnastics. My secret dreams were to be an olympic gymnast. Not sure why I ever thought it was an option because I never took gymnastic lessons. One can always dream!

It doesn't look like I will be getting much sleep tonight either cause tonight is the gymnastic finals for the men's individual competition. Good thing the weekend is almost here.

Bunny Love...

Monday was Cambri's 2 month check up. It was pretty dramatic for both of us. I hated seeing her cry as the shots were jabbed into her thigh. She did recover quickly but the poor little bunny slept all day. I do think we have a giant on our hands. She measured 24 1/2 inches which puts her above the 95th percentile. She weighs 12 lbs. 2 oz. and her noggin (not sure how you are supposed to speel that) is 40 cm.

I officially stepped down as the group fitness coordinator at Aspen. I was going to try and still work some but now that I have Cambri I just don't have the desire to spend that much time working. I love being home with her all day. I am totally obsessed with everything she does and want to be a part of everything. The other day Nate told me that he wanted to be the stay-at-home mom. I love how much he loves his little bunny!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We Finally took the road trip to Nauvoo this last Friday. Nate had never been before and I hadn't been there for about 8 years. I had been nervous about going with the baby because the weather has been so hot and muggy, but we lucked out. The weather could not have been better. It was the perfect day to walk around to see all the sights. Thanks to Amanda and Gavin for coming with us. They made the 3 hour car ride not seem so long. I am especially grateful they were with us on the way home cause they kept Nate awake while Cambri and I snoozed in the back seat. Cambri was a trooper! On a side note, take a look at that fat little baby. She even has a dimple on her elbow. Love it!

I would have been a horrible pioneer! I don't even like to camp without a bathroom and shower.
We also watched the pageant which was really good. Well at least the part I was able to watch. Cambri was sleeping when it started but once the music and sound came on it scared her and she had a hard time falling back asleep. Nate and I had to take turns walking her around to keep her happy.
Just thought I would show off Nate's photography skills. He likes to take pics of the scenery and he does a great job of it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

For Grandpa Calvin...

Cambri loves sucking on her whole fist but sometimes shoves it in a bit too far. You have to love her bald head!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

September 22nd...

The countdown has begun! The next season of Heroes is right around the corner:). Nate and I started watching the first series over Christmas break and just now watched the second series. I have to admit I am a little obsessed. So obsessed that if we have another little girl I would like to name her either Hayden or Claire which are the real and t.v. names of the cheerleader on the show. Save the cheerleader save the world:)! Truth be known I wouldn't really be naming her after the character, it just so happens that I like both names. Hayden was the name both Nate and I were wanting to name Cambri, but I got scared to name my sweet girl a boy name. Anywho...Monday nights will be filled with Heroes. If you want to join me you are totally welcome.

I am even more excited about Tuesday nights this fall. Why?...All I have to say is- The Biggest Loser-- absolute favorite show. I get so emotionally involved. Yes I cry every time someone gets kicked off. I want to be Jillian. I think she has the coolest job ever. Maybe I should fight her for it. Pretty sure I would get my butt kicked. I will keep working on my one armed push-up and maybe NBC will let me step in for a season. Anyone wanting to join me for a little Tuesday night Biggest Loser action? We could all head to they gym and watch it while we work out. or we could do what I usually do...sit and eat ice cream and brownies. Yeah for TV!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making an apartment feel like home...

The last few weeks have been busy. We just moved to a "new" apartment. We are now just minutes away from the school which is fantastic. We also live in a complex with about six other couples that we are good friends with. I love it! It is like being in college again. The best part about this "new" apartment is we got permission to paint the walls. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. I decided that I wanted yellow walls in our front room. Cambri's room is going to be purple but it isn't done yet. I have yet to decide what I want to paint the kitchen and bedroom (if I ever get that far). Here is a pic of the front room. Okay so it still looks like an old apartment but it is a step up from what we have been living in. I need to get curtains so it still looks a little bare but I am loving the walls!
Little Bunny's (aka Cambri) head in the corner of the couch is the cutest part of this picture:).

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We have been tagged...

So I guess I will share a few random facts about our family. The rule to the tag we received is to share a few unimportant facts about us. That shouldn't be hard:).

1. Nate was born in his driveway. I don't know all the details as to why his mom didn't make it to the hospital in time. Luckily Nate's papa is a family doc and knew how to take care of things. Then again this might explain why Nate is a little odd:).

2. I LOVE to mix different kinds of cereals together. They don't even have to be similar kinds. I often justify eating the sugary cereals but mixing them with Grapenuts. Grapenuts can make anything seem healthy!

3. When I was little I always wanted my bedroom to be lavendar. I wanted lavendar carpet and stripes on my walls. It never happened so I am now living my childhood dream by making Cambri's room lavendar. And it is going to be cute. I will post pics later.

4. Nate loves watching movies and I ALWAYS fall asleep when we do (unless it is a chick flick and for some reason those ones keep me up, even if I have seen it before).

5. Nate has a special ability to make the most incredible Fettuccine Alfredo. Better than any restraunt dish! He is also very good at making breakfast food.

6. I am deathly afraid of sharks. I am positive that they are going to eat me. I know fear of sharks is a pretty normal fear, but I have an extreme fear. I think it is my sisters fault. She use to always watch shark shows and get really scared so she would make me come watch them with her and then sleep in her room. I am fine if I can touch the ground but once I start treading water I start having anxiety attacks. My heart seriously starts pounding and I can't swim fast enough back to shore. It is kind of a bummer because I always had a dream of learning how to surf and I would love to scuba dive, but I just can't get over the fear. Last year when we were in Hawaii with Nate's family the clan would go snorkeling quite often. They are all champion snorkelors so they would go way far away from the beach. I would just hang out on my beach towel and work on my tan or read a book. Party pooper, I know.

There you have it!