Monday, May 14, 2012

Easter Beauties!

Easter Sunday I gave it a good ol' college try to get some cute pictures of my girls in their Easter dresses.  Nate was on call and had to go in to the hospital that morning so I was on my own getting everyone dressed and ready.  Despite Sadie being really sad about the whole idea I still love the pictures.

 Cambri picked out the dresses this year.  We went shopping and tried on a bunch of dresses.  She was very picky.  The dress had to pass the twirl and fluff tests.  Some dresses she didn't like the second she tried them on.  Others dresses she would try on and stare at herself in the mirror for a long time smiling and debating if it was the one.  I will be sad when my girls no longer want to wear matching dresses. 
 The Easter bunny brought these two cuties their very own chairs.  Cambri was shocked that the Easter bunny knew exactly what she wanted.  
 Too cute for words!
                  This might be my favorite picture of them all:)  Poor Sadie was having a rough day.
But she is also too cute for words. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sister Love

My girls are finally figuring out that it is fun to play together and when they do it is the sweetest thing ever. Unfortunately the sweetness usually ends with something like this...