Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Windy City...

Nate and I took a little weekend trip with Matt and Erin Pitcher (friend's from school) to Chicago last Thursday-Sunday for the end part of Spring Break. We really wanted to go somewhere warmer, but all the warm places were too far away. So instead we picked a colder place than Des Moines, Iowa. It was a fun trip and it felt nice to get away, but I think if I ever go back to Chicago I will make sure it is in the Spring or Summer. This is the City Skyline from Navy Pier. Nate took this picture on Thursday afternoon when the weather was actually pretty nice. This would be the skyline on day 2 of our adventure. It was a blizzard all day long. Apparently the airport was shut down the whole day because it was so bad outside. We spent most of the day doing inside activities.
Yummy famous deep dish Chicago Pizza. I have to admit this was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. The thing was massive! Nate didn't want to get his picture taken which would explain the angry face.
We stopped in for some dessert at this diner that Liz (another friend from school) had recommended. The place is known for providing poor service. In fact our waiter warned us at the begginning of our meal that the service was a little unorthodox, and not to be offended. It has got to be a great place to be a server because you would get to say all the things you wish you could say to your costomers at any other restaraunt. Since we only got dessert (cheapest thing on the menu) our serve decided to bring some attention to us. He dimmed the lights and out came this spot light. The four of us sat there like idiots while our server proceeded to tell everyone in the restaraunt that we were the 4 cheapest people he knew. It was funny and embarressing. The picture of me is hideous but I like telling the stories with pictures and this is all I had.
We rounded out the trip with a visit to Blue Man Group. Have you ever seen them...? Kind of weird if you ask me. It was very entertaining I must admit. The trip was a blast and I wish we could have stayed a little longer. But back to life it is!

I am still anxious to take off to somewhere warm. Especially since it is snowing again today here in Iowa. Oh well, one day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This last Saturday Ashley Rencher and Nikki Hook threw a baby shower for me. They did such a great job. Everything was so cute and perfect. Many friends came and gave me and baby so many wonderful gifts. Our baby girl is going to be the best dressed gal in town. I can't wait to play dress up with our little one! One of the games we played was the one where everyone had to guess how big around my belly is by measuring it with toilet paper squares. Turns out I am 9 squares around right now. I am keeping the 9 squares to compare it to how big I am minutes before I go into labor. I already know I am going to be huge!

I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to come and celebrate this exciting time with me.


I only highlight my birthday because I want to make sure that my wonderful husband gets a little of the credit he deserves. To say the least he spoiled me all day long. I woke up to an itinerary taped to the door. He had our whole day planned out hour by hour. And I was not allowed to do any chores of any kind all day long.

We started off with breakfast, which was homemade by Nate. We gorged on French toast fritters, scrambled eggs, hash browns, strawberries, pineapple and orange juice. It was yummy!!!

Next we tried to play a little tennis. Unfortunately all the tennis courts were covered with snow. We ended up taking a walk around Gray’s Lake. Nate wanted to make it more of a jog, but my bladder didn’t like that idea much. The weather was amazing, which in and of itself was a great birthday present. It felt so good to be outside and not freeze. When we came back home Nate gave me the best massage ever. I beg him everyday to rub my shoulders and feet. I know he doesn’t like to do it so it was a great present for him to spend a good half and hour treating me like royalty. We just relaxed together until it was time to go to dinner. We tried out this fabulous restaurant that one of my friends recommended called Trostel’s Dish. It is a fun, trendy place that serves smaller appetizers instead of bigger main dishes. The food was amazing! We even splurged and ordered strawberry daiquiris that were yummy too! I definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting a fun special place to eat out.

We saved dessert for home because Nate made the best chocolate cake with Oreo ice cream in the middle, chocolate frosting, and strawberries. I had no idea Nate was so talented in the kitchen. Trust me, it tasted as good as it looks.

I was also spoiled by many presents, phone calls and text messages from friends and family all day long. Thanks to everyone for making me feel special!