Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It has been a hard day...

I was checking email when Cambri woke up from her nap and started fussing. I told Nate she missed her daddy and she wanted him to come get her. They never emerged from the room so I went back to find this. Poor Nate has had a rough week with school.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching up...

All week I have been trying to blog about something other than Cambri because it seems that is
all I blog about. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just thought I should try to be somewhat intellectual. Turns out I don't have many intellectual things to talk about. Which would explain the lack of entries. So here I am again bragging about my baby girl--one of my favorite pastimes.
Maybe not intellectual but I am trying to learn to sew. Soon I will have my sewing projects to talk about. How exciting:).


Cambri watching t.v. Our pediatrician would be very upset with us. She feels very strongly about not letting children under the age of two watch t.v.

Cambri and her best babysitter Mariah. Robyn I don't know if you look at our blog but I thought you might like this picture.

Just snoozing!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cut off from the texting world...

Due to the fact that I went over my text limit last month I have had my texting blocked by my financial advisor (aka Nathan) until September 5th. So if you are one that I communicate with via text please know that I am not ignoring your messages. I will be back in the texting world soon!

All things Cambri...

I still have to jazz up the nursery a bit but things are starting to come together. Too bad it is just for show because Cambri still (and probably will for a while) sleeps in our room. She has a sixth sense and knows when she is all alone in her room. She may be sound asleep when I put her in her bed, but within 5 minutes her eyes are wide open. But when she sleeps in our room she will sleep the whole night. Cambri is truly her father's daughter and can sleep in like crazy. The water in the pool was a whopping 72 degrees. I refuse to get in when it is that cold, but Nate thought he would give it a try and see if the baby liked it. No such luck.
I had to take a picture of her cute pink toe nails because Nate is making me take the polish off. He doesn't like it at all. Apparently it takes away from her innocence. I think it makes her look like a little princess:).
Thanks to my friend Kelly Turck for this outfit. I am so excited that Cambri fits into it now. The noises that come out of this little girl make this outfit very appropriate.