Saturday, October 31, 2009


Having a little one makes all the holidays so much more fun!
Our pumpkins had to be happy ones this year, otherwise Cambri was afraid of them.

Don't mess with this girls pumpkin bucket...she will release a blood curdling scream. I don't think she completely understood the trick or treat thing, but she had a fun time doing it.

Getting the party started with a little root beer:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Fun (and other updates)...

We have been a bit sick in our home this last week and finally we seem to be on the mend. Nate is pretty sure he had the swine flu. He was never diagnosed but his symptoms matched up and right now he is on his pediatric rotation so he spent all day everyday around little kiddos with the flu. I am so glad he doesn't want to be a pediatrician because I don't think I could handle him bringing home all the germs.

Now that we all seem to be feeling better I will try to catch up on a few things...
Little Cambri has become quite the 'cheeser'. It is still quite the challenge to get her smile on camera but occasionally she holds still long enough for me to get the perfect picture. I think we caught her giggling in this picture. Her laugh makes everything better.

Here is our pink princess. Most of the time she pulls her headband off and takes her shoes off but here she wanted them on. Even though we were closing up shop and going to bed. This is also her favorite place to watch tv...two inces away from the screen.

I know I am biased, but pretty sure she was the cutest kid at the Halloween party. She kicks and screams when I put this costume on her, but once we get it on she embraces it. (We seem to be encountering a lot of those power struggles these days.) Cam really got into the trick or treating. She loved putting all the candy in her pumpkin and she made sure to say "thank you" to everyone who gave her candy.

She won't ride in her big girl stroller to save my life, but she wanted to be pushed around in her baby stroller with ALL her "babies" all day long.
And finally our weekend update...We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends. We didn't exactly pick the best day to go. In fact the weather was miserable...cold, wet and windy. And we got lost on the way there thanks to faulty mapquest directions (it had nothing to do with navigator error:). We are definitely getting a GPS for Christmas). Somehow it didn't phase this little one. She loved everything about it. She especially love the horse drawn hayride and petting zoo. I feel like she is growing up so fast but pictures like this one remind me how small she still is. At least compared to her daddy.
A little action shot for you. She got a little muddy from this fall. Notice how dad is just standing there watching.

It was a cold day but we still shared a pumpkin ice cream cone. It was delicious. (I truly have an obsession with pumpkin right now. I crave it constantly. I have a new cookie recipe with pumpkin that I will share later. You have to try it.)

Ok so this was pretty much a chance for me to journal a few Cambri updates. Thanks for indulging me. Here is to a healthier week!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today I Am Grateful...

On Monday my dad had to go in for a biopsy on his prostate after having some questionable bloodwork results. I know it is only Thursday but the last few days have felt like an eternity as we have awaited the phone call from the doctor. Everydy that passed I wondered if it was good or bad that we hadn't heard back yet, or if it meant anything at all. Of course the night time was always when the worries started flooding in. My mind was full of so many "what ifs". Honestly I felt numb anytime I started to think that my dad could have cancer...I have to even say the word. I hate cancer. My dad means the world to me. Plus Cams needs her Grandpa.

But everything is going to be okay. And that is why I am grateful today. Because the biopsy came back negative. What a relief. I can breathe a little easier. All my fears can be calmed. At least for right now. I know tomorrow may pose its own struggles and trials, but is a good day.

And tonight...tonight my prayers will be a little more sincere. My heart will be a little softer. And my desires a little more pure. So that tomorrow I can try to live with no regretts. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time for Pumpkin YUMMY!

I gave this little dish a try the other night and it was a total success. Nate was in love and raved about it all night. Other than the fact that I had to chop onions which makes me cry without fail every time I do, the recipe was really easy. I just used extra chicken stock in place of the wine. I did use the heavy cream but I am sure you could just use milk instead to cut a few calories. It went perfect over whole wheat noodles. You have to try it!!!

I borrowed the picture from the site which you should also check out. Tons of fun crafts.

Here is the recipe link-,334,605,836,804,55,717,858,959,546,843

Bon Appetit!