Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas...

I didn't do Christmas cards this year so this post is my slacker back-up plan. I do hope that this time of year finds you all well. We sure have had a very eventful year and as it comes to an end we are very grateful for the many blessings we have enjoyed.
We are excited to start a new year and see what new adventures await us. On the agenda so far-
First and foremost Nate graduates med school!!!!!!!!
We will be going on a celebration vacation (hopefully a cruise). But I will take anything relaxing and in a warm location.
Nate will start his residency in Orthopedics.
We hopefully will be buying our first house.
I am grateful for this time of year and the opportunity I have had to reflect upon the life of Christ. This last year definitely provided many faith testing experiences, but through it all I have learned much about prayer and my relationship with my Savior has become much closer. I am very grateful for His love and patience he has shown me. I have needed him and know that he is ALWAYS there for me when I am willing to turn to him. Again I just have to say that my little family has truly been blessed and we have lots to be grateful for this holiday season.
Here is my little family that I love so much...

We went to the lights at Temple Square last weekend. We thought Cambri was going to love it since she gets excited about any kind of Christmas light. But instead Cambri decided to be her crazy 2 year old self and showed zero emotion the whole time we were there. The girl keeps me guessing and has proved that I have yet to figure out the mind of a two year old.

Christmas has been very fun this year. Cambri isn't a huge fan of the big man in the red suit but she likes the idea that he will be bringing her presents. Everyday she comes up with a new toy she wants and says, "Santa bring me strawberry shortcake/dora/thomas the train, etc. Is that a good idea?" Nate and I had a blast buying presents for her and had to hold back from buying every toy in the store. I think we might be more excited about Christmas morning than she is.

Last night after putting Cambri in bed Nate and I left the kiddos with Grandma and Grandpa Rencher and headed to the gym to play a little game of Horse (which I beat him 3-0) and sit in the hot tub. When we came home we found Cambri sitting by the Christmas tree playing with the presents. She had climbed out of bed and made her way downstairs without being heard. Luckily she only opened the present she is giving to Sadie and was playing with a Sponge Bob box that wasn't wrapped. She had also peed on the floor. The poor girl had the guiltiest look on her face when Nate found her. She just looked at him with wide eyes and waved. It is hard to get mad when she is just so darn cute.

Here is Cambri opening her present from Grandma Tucker and Papa. She was VERY excited to get dress up clothes. She is as girly as they come and I love it! We played dress up the rest of the night.

Even baby Sadie got to be a part of it.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

This blog post is pretty much me just wasting time...:)

I swear by this stuff. It has saved so many items of clothing at our house. I truly could be the next spokes person.

Nate and I joined the Apple here in Idaho Falls. It has been so much fun working out together. We are taking it rather slow since both of us are out of shape. And both of us walked around looking funny since we were so sore after the first day. As part of the introductory to the gym we received 2 free pilates classes on the reformer. It was new for both of us so we just laughed at eachother as we tried to do the exercises. I have to say I loved the class and wish it didn't cost an extra $99/month. I am loving the gym, but even more I am loving the hour each day Nate and I have to spend together.

I am addicted to this stuff. The strawberry dragonfruit is my favorite.

Truly the only lotion that has even done anything for my dry skin. I love it. My hands have been so dry they snag on everything. Gross I know. This stuff makes them soft and silky. You have to try it.

What's not to love about this little bundle of joy.

And how can you not love this!

And this!
And this! Can you tell she did NOT want to go play in the snow.

I love my girls. Even if both of them end up in bed with us on a regular basis:).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I just ordered Sadie's birth announcements so I hope to be getting them to fam and friends soon. She is so much bigger than this pic now. Wish they didn't grow up so fast! She is now about 10 1/2 pounds. I guess I should just be grateful she didn't come out this big. I do love that she is putting on some chunk. This little girl really is a great baby. She has her grumpy moments before going to bed but is perfect all day. I am a lucky momma!

We finally made it home to Idaho. We did the drive in 4 days so that we never had to drive more than 9 hours, but those 9 hour days were long. I hope we don't have to get in the car for awhile. But I can't complain too much cause it is so great to be with family. Cams is loving all the extra space to run around, and she loves the toy room right outside our bedroom. And little Sadie loves that there is someone to always hold her. She is a little cuddle bug.

Life really is perfect right now. Nate has 4 weeks of vacation so we get to play play play. On the agenda for today is...buy snow clothes for Cam and make Christmas cookies, oh and exercise. Nate and I are on a mission to get back in shape. With babysitters all around we have no excuses. And I don't fit into any of my pants and I don't want to buy a bunch of clothes that I hope I don't fit into for very long. I could ramble about this forever but I won't bore you with my sob story. Of course the to-do list should consist of stuff like unpacking and cleaning, but that can wait for another day right?