Friday, July 9, 2010


...we were here-

That is really all I have to say. Mostly because I am too tired to think of anything else but laying on the beach under an umbrella, sipping a tasty drink and catching up on some much needed rest.

Instead I will pack up our apartment and prepare to make the 10 hour drive to Des Moines on Sunday, followed by our 27 hour (yes 27 hour!) train ride to Utah/Idaho a week later where we will spend the next 5 weeks.

I am excited to see all my family and friends that I haven't seen for awhile, and Cams needs some Grandma and Grandpa time (on both sides), but this is the start of a long summer for us. Unfortunately Nate doesn't get to continue the journey to Utah/Idaho with us. Instead he will be heading back to Pennsylvania where he will spend the next 2 months slaving away, trying to impress the Orthopedic Residency Programs. We won't see eachother through this process and it breaks my heart that Cams won't get to play with her daddy for such a long time.

But I know many of you reading this have either been there, done that (or are currently going through worse) so I won't complain too much.

The hope is, come May of 2011, we can celebrate this journey in some tropical place. I think we both deserve it!:).