Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today was Nate's 27th bday. We are getting so old! We have a little tradition of making cakes for each other. This year I made Nate a zoo cake. It turned out pretty cute. Maybe not the most age appropriate cake, but cute none the less.The cupcakes were the cutest part of the cake. I don't know why some of the pics are sideways.Zebra


The lion was my favorite.

I love having bdays cause it gives us a reason to eat lots of food and play all day.

Happy Birthday Nate. I love you!
A picture of our cute little chunk just because.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Having fun at home...

No matter how far away we move...Utah will always be my home. It has been lots of fun being with my family. We started out with my little brother's wedding. He and Shay looked so cute. Hard to believe Daren is old enough to be a husband. The night before the wedding we had Daren and Shay's dinner. Cambri had a little stranger anxiety (and we were going on little nap time) so she was an animal. And that is an understatement. Finally we found a monster sucker that kept her quiet...but not clean. Nor did I stay clean. Nate had to take his big test back in Iowa so he wasn't able to join us for the wedding celebrations. Oh how glad I am that I usually have him to help me tag team it.
The lovely couple.

The little rascal has finally conquered walking and is all over the place.

Nate and I were able to go join our friends, Annie and Caleb, and Annie's family in Lake Powell. I had never been so I was really excited about it. We had a ton of fun. My goal is to go back with my family one day. Definitely one of those places you should go to before you die.

All the boys on the trip found it entertaining to drag behind the boat.

Nate is in here somewhere.

We also had fun cliff jumping. I have a lot of fears but heights are not one of them. This is Nate showing off one of his many talents.
So far the summer has been great. It hasn't really hit me that we will be moving across the country in a few short weeks. Lets not think about it.
Happy July!!!