Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ready for bed...

It's 9pm. I just got the girls in bed. Well kind of...Cambri is sleeping on the floor outside her room because she locked her door and I can't pick the lock. If I were nice I would let her sleep in my room but I want her to realize how important it is she doesn't do this again. I haven't seen or heard from Nate since 5:30am. I am tired and ready to tap out.

My girls did their fair share of fighting and yelling at each other throughout the day but come bedtime they decided to be buddies. While cuddling on the bathroom floor after taking a bath I heard Cambri say, "I love you Sadie Boo Boo." She even made up for saying a million time today that she wanted a new sister by giving Sadie hugs and saying she never wants a new sister, ever. And little miss Sadie said after giving me kisses, "I love you mommy."  Thank Heaven for little moments like these. They by far make up for any and all of the hard times throughout the day.

I am taking a risk tonight by putting Sadie to bed sans diaper. She has been potty trained for a couple weeks now but I always put her in a diaper for bedtime and she always wakes up soaked. But we are out if diapers and I didn't want to drag both girls to the store to get some. I will probably regret that at 2am when I am up changing sheets and pjs.

I need to plan my routine for class tomorrow and then its bedtime for me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Little Things...

(Don't be fooled, Sadie has her eyes closed because of the flash and Cambri is pretending to be sleeping.  2 seconds after taking this picture a cat fight broke out:) It was cute while it lasted.)

Because these are the little things that my day are made of....

Last night I when I was getting ready to say prayers I heard Cambri get up to go potty. Normally I will let her take care of business and head back to bed on her own. For some reason I felt compelled to go say hi and tuck her back in. When I went in the bathroom she stood there with a blank face (obviously half asleep) and said "mom I don't know how to do it". I realized at that point she made it to the potty but didn't pull her undies down. Her little bum was soaked:). After getting her cleaned up she went right back to sleep and remembered nothing of it in the morning.

The last few nights Cambri has cried out for me because she was scared. It has been around 4:30am both times. Last night she wanted her glow worm to cuddle. Both nights while laying next to Cam until she fell back asleep I could hear Sadie in her bed talking. Last night she kept saying shovel over and over.  She wasn't crying so I just let her talk and she eventually fell back asleep. If this keeps up when baby brother gets here we may just all be up partying at 4 in the morning.  I bet you are jealous.

 Today after making cookies with Cambri I told her I needed to sit down cause my feet hurt. When she asked why I told her because being pregnant makes my feet hurt and then said, "being pregnant is hard huh?" Her response caught me off guard when she said, "how do u get pregnant?" I told her you have to be old and married. Luckily that worked and she was distracted by something else. I have a feeling she and I are going to have the birds and the bees talk far before I am ready:).

We ended the day going furniture shopping. We need a couch for the front room badly.  Half our house is still empty and it is driving Nate crazy.  We can't afford what I really want so I would prefer to leave it empty.  Sometimes I am a little high maintenance. Sadie and Cambri ran around the store like wild animals. They tried out every couch in the store. Eventually a game of tag started. It ended quickly when Cam tagged poor Sadie so hard she flew half way across the store. We left the store with both girls in tears.  Lucky for me I had to head to the church for a Young Women's activity so Nate was left to deal with the drama. 

It may not be exciting but I love my life:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pregnancy tidbits...

These days I am....

ALWAYS tired, but can't fall asleep at night. Tylenol pm is my best friend these days.

Crave granola cereal with bananas and blueberries. I usually have a bowl of it at night before going to bed. May explain why I am packing on the pounds:)

Feeling old. My feet hurt all the time. I am usually in worn our flip flops or barefoot which I am sure isn't helping the situation.

Still teaching my classes at the gym. I actually feel really good right now and haven't had to back down yet on exercise.

Getting sick of my maternity clothes. Bummer I still have 4 more months of wearing them. I ripped a hole in the crotch of my favorite cargos and turned my white capris a dingy color by trying to bleach them...awesome. By the end of the day I usually end up in some of Nate's old gym shorts. It drives him crazy that I wear his clothes...sorry:)

Feeling the need to get some big projects done around the house. It took me a long time to get the house back in order after being out of commission for a couple months. Now I am wanting to get the paint back out and finish one of the million projects I started months ago.

Totally against eating tacos or red sauce of any kind. Not sure why but those foods just don't sit right.

Wishing I had a supply of Diet Dr. Pepper on hand. Never been a soda drinker but I need a little boost to get me through the day.

Itchy!!! Seriously my skin is so dry. I wish I could jump in a pool of lotion and soak it all in.

This is fun and all but I suppose it is time to stop avoiding the HUGE pile of laundry waiting to be folded...sigh.

Princess Party...

I have decided I need to journal more often. I hate how many of the everyday little details I am forgetting. Blogging is going to be my form of journaling so you will be getting a lot of my boring ramblings on this blog. Feel free to read. I totally understand if you don't want to. Anyhow, we had a princess party at our house today. My friend Amber had a doctor appointment so I watched her girls for the morning. It was perfect because her girls are 4 and 2 and get along great with my monkeys. In fact they got along so great that I was able to get my hair done and scrub all 3 bathrooms in the house while they played. Sign me up for that kind of babysitting job anytime! When I look at pictures like these ones it makes me wonder how a little boy is ever going to survive in this house.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Right now both my girls are sound asleep. Sadie is on her crib and Cambri is laying next to me in my bed. I planned on sleeping too but I can't slow my brain down. I would be productive and clean the house or get dinner started but my body is tired and begging for a little down time. Naptime was something that only pertained to Sadie for a long time but over the last week magical things have happened and if I lay down with Cambri, read her a book, tickle her back and cuddle her she too will take a short nap. It is awesome. It pretty much makes life better for everyone. Even though I don't always fall asleep too I get some quiet time to myself. I hope nap time is here to stay through the rest of this pregnancy.

On my mind today....

Should I go back to the garage sale down the street and buy the baby swing for only $20?
I need inspiration on how to decorate the wall above the couch in the family room.
What should I plan for Nate's big birthday bash in a couple weeks?
What kind of cake should I make?
What are we going to do for fun tomorrow?
I really wish a trip to Utah was in the near future.
None of these should be keeping me from sleeping.

Just because I don't want to forget how cute Cambri's hand-writting is right now.....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tonight's family night was hilarious. I had planned a lesson about eating healthy foods and taking care of our bodies. Cambri and Sadie helped with the lesson which made it fun. After the lesson which lasted a few minutes Cambri decided to take the lead and share a story. She gave each of us lines we had to say. The story went like this... God told the Lord and the people would not listen. So God put rocks around the fire. Then Jesus fell off the rocks and he died. But then he was resurrected!!! The story continued with a lot more fire and death. But finished with God protecting Jesus so the fire didn't burn him anymore. Her imagination is awesome. We finished the night off hanging the flag on the front porch and enjoying some no bake cookies. My little family makes me laugh.
A view of our little house. I am trying to convince Nate we should take out some of the bushes. He isn't convinced just yet. We really have been happy with our first little home. Still lots of work to be done but its coming together and feeling more cozy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

20 weeks

It is so nice to be at the half way mark! Feeling good and not too big yet. I have to admit though that I am feeling quite old with this pregnancy. My feet hurt, my hips are sore and I am oh so tired. Please excuse the finger prints all over the mirror in this picture. I suppose I should clean them off since this is the mirror I use to take my weekly prego pics. Maybe tomorrow I will find the energy...maybe:) I am still teaching my classes at the gym. Right now I just have two. Monday is turbokick. Lately it has turned into major bladder control. I fear for when my belly gets huge. Without my classes I don't know that I would make it to the gym that often so I am grateful they get me off my lazy tush. Horray for the second half of this pregnancy!