Monday, April 26, 2010


For all of you who have been asking for belly pics here you go...
Here is the belly at 16 weeks. If I suck in I can make it smaller, but I have decided to fully embrace the belly and just let it hang out.

I am never sure how to pose for these pictures. And please excuse the lame background. I have big plans for this wall but the picture I want cost almost $200 which doesn't exactly fit in the budget right now. It was also raining cats and dogs this day so we weren't able to take pictures outside which would have looked much prettier.

I did just recently go blonde again. I am still trying to decide if I can pull it off or if I look like I am trying to be 16 again.

Here is a not so great picture (but the only one I could find) of me when I was about 19 weeks pregnant with Cambri. Pretty sure I am much bigger already at only 16 weeks which scares me.

We will find out May 11th what this little rascal is going to be. For the most part the votes from family are leaning towards boy. I have a feeling it is going to be a boy as well, but am not sure by any means. We will be thrilled either way and are just excited to find out.
There you have it, proof that this belly of mine is growing at a rapid pace and will soon be taking over my body. Truth is I love actually looking pregnant not just flabby around the middle. We are almost half way done!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You will need sound or the video won't make sense...

It is true, I finally talked Nate into having another baby!
I think I have been begging him since Cambri was 9 months old.

Baby will be sometime in October. I am avoiding giving myself an actual due date because last time I became so fixed on having baby by the due date that I became very discouraged when the date came and went and I was still hugely pregnant. So as long as baby enters this world sometime in October (preferably the first half) I will be happy.

October is a busy month for us above and beyond having a baby so things will be kind of crazy around here. For those outside the med school world this might not make sense, but I will try... This summer Nate will be doing his rotations for med school at different residency programs. It will be kind of like a working interview, with the hopes of getting a spot in the program. We thought he would be done with all of the rotations by October. But it looks like he will be gone through November. Luckily his Oct. and Nov. rotations will be in Ohio so he will at least be within driving distance, but we are hoping the docs he is working with at the time will be kind enough to let him have a day off work so he can make it to the delivery of his child. And then we hope he can make it in time to the hospital. Since these rotations are Nate's chance to prove himself worthy of a spot in the program we really are at the mercy of the doctors. We are grateful for family that will be coming out to help both before and after baby comes.
We will see how many belly pictures I post this time. I am already much bigger than I was at this point in the pregnancy with Cambri. I am afraid of what is to come! I have had enough people tell me they were curious if I was pregnant or not so I know I am already showing. It looks more like a beer belly to me.
We are very excited to welcome a new baby into our family. Cambri LOVES (that is an understatement) babies. Both real and pretend. She is always wrapping her dolls in blankets and giving them kisses all day. She will be a wonderful big sister.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

When the Sun Comes Out to Play...

This last week I have rediscovered a much happier side of me.
I like the new me so much more!
Nate also got a day off from work so we were able to enjoy some family time together.
It couldn't have come soon enough!!!
The zoo is a place we visit often, but it is becoming so much more fun now that Cambri gets super excited about it. The whole way there she tells us what animals she wants to see. Per her request I think we visited the elephants and lion a million times.
We also had some fun at an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It was great fun. The place we went had 100,000 eggs for about 6,000 kids! They even dropped a ton of those eggs from a helicopter which was very exciting for all the little ones.

Once she figured out each egg held a yummy treat...

She was one happy girl!

We also did a little egg hung with a few of our friends here in Sandusky. This picture is totally for me because I love seeing Cams and her Daddy walk hand in hand.

We need to figure out a new way to make her smile. She says "cheese" but you end up getting a funny looking smile and she never says it while looking at the camera. But I still think this little Bunny of ours is just too cute.

Once again the crazy smile. Here we are playing with all of Cambri's friends. She lined everyone up, made sure the dinosaur's head was lifted so you could see his face, sat down and said cheese. She must be understanding what the camera is all about.
Indeed we are a much happier household now that the sun has been shining. I know many of you back home in Utah and Idaho are still dealing with snow so I will count my blessings and quit complaining.
We are looking forward to many more days of FUN in the SUN!