Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sporting the Skinny Jeans...

I am not brave enough to sport skinny jeans myself, but I do find this little girl to look rather adorable in them. Thanks to our Aunt Nikki for keeping Cam in style!

I do love dressing this little girl up. I always look dumpy but it's okay if she looks so cute!:)

We are definitely looking forward to Christmas. Only 2 more weeks until we get to go home to see family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding Strength in Others...

If you don't want to read my whole blog entry that is fine. But take the time to check out this blog-
Last night I lay in bed unable to fall asleep. I gave it a good 45 minutes before I decided to get up and do something more productive. There was a blog that a friend of mine had shared with me that I had been wanting to read. I figured while the apartment was quiet that this would be a good time to sit down and look it over. I had no idea it would be such an amazing experience. It was a tear filled night, but also very comforting, cleansing and uplifting. I want to share a few of my thoughts and I hope that you will take the time to read some of the entries from this blog. I promise it is well worth your time.
The last few months I feel that I have found myself wanting more from my life. Truly my life is fabulous so I am not in need of anything in particular. I am sure we are all familiar with that feeling I am talking about. In truth I should say that I have needed more spirituality. I can not doubt that this is what has left me wanting. My spirituality goes in spurts. At times I am sure I have been over the top...almost selfrighteous. And other times I have been lazy..almost defiant. One day I hope to be able to figure out how to stay consistent, continually moving forward.
The BIGGEST problem from all of this is I have found myself being overcome with fear. It has consumed me at moments. Left me feeling empty and scared. Most of my fear has been completely unfounded. Yet I find it taking over my thoughts and dragging me down. It is true that fear and faith can not coexsist. And that is scary to think that I have let fear overcome me...where is my faith?
Last night as I read from this blog A Healing Journey I found exactly what I needed to humble me to my knees. Up to this point I know that I have been falling into the trap of thinking I know what is best for me. And if God won't give me what I need how can I ever be happy? Funny how we think we are so strong all on our own. Luckily he gives us gently reminders to help us stay the course.
Last night as I read I felt so strongly that God is aware of me. And if I will just turn my will over to him all will be well. Not easy...but well. That has been proven to me TIME and TIME again. I just keep forgeting. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who doesn't give up on me.
Anyway, I highly recommend that you take some time to read from this blog. It is a girl that I know from BYU-Hawaii. I always thought she was a wonderful person. I just didn't realize how wonderul. The blog does better at explaining the whole situation so I won't go into detail.
These are a few of the entries that really touched my heart-

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Place Like Home...

Ever since I graduated from high school I haven't lived in one city for more than 2 years. Most of my moves have taken me to a different state. I can now claim to have resided in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, Iowa and Ohio. This is pretty big for a small town girl who grew up in the same town, same house her whole life. In a year and a half my little family will pack up and move again. That place is yet to be decided. Out of all the places I imagined living I never would have thought that I would consider Des Moines, Iowa one of my homes. The saying is true "Home is were your heart is".
Cambri and I took a quick trip back to Des Moines to visit friends last week. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see friends. I know it has only been just over 4 months since we moved from there, but the friends I have there are near and dear to my heart. And I needed to see them and enjoy a little girl time.
We traveled by train. Honestly being on the train wasn't bad, just long. We left Sandusky at 4:55am and got into Des Moines around 9pm. I was definitely done with the train ride by the time we made our way back to Ohio.
I was able to teach some exercise classes at the gym I use to work at while in Des Moines to pay for my travels. I think I might have even made a little extra. Or maybe I already spent those extra dollars on some cute clothes for Cambri:). It was fun to be back in my old stomping grounds.
I already miss everyone.
If I could have a super hero power I would choose to be able to teleport so that I could be anywhere I wanted. And with this power I would teleport all my friends and family to a nice warm,beautiful island. And next we would make a stop in Italy. Until that happens my travels will continue to take me to Des Moines, Iowa.
Thanks Friends, I love you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Pictures...

A few weeks ago my friend Annie took some pictures for me. I wanted some pics of Cam and me while it was pretty outside. It was a cold day but it didn't seem to bother Cams. I wanted her to wear her little hat because she loves it. When I take it off she gets mad. Today she wore it when she went down for her nap. Thanks Annie for being our personal photographer. We love the pictures.

The famous Cheese face. She has been doing this a lot lately.

I love my baby girl.