Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This week I thought I would see if I could get Cambri to sit on the toilet and at least get her use to it. She won't sit on the big potty so we have a little one for her. The first few tries she kept saying no over and over again and had a hard time relaxing. She has only sat on the toilet 4 times and twice she actually did pee. When I tell her to go potty I can see that she is trying to push something out. And she already seems to be more relaxed. She has yet to actually ask to go potty. I just put her on it a few times a day.

I basically feel clueless as to what I am doing. If she is not asking to go potty am I starting too early? Or is it best to keep trying everyday? And once I start this whole process should I be putting her in panties or is it okay to keep her in diapers for awhile?

I am okay if she is not ready to potty train. I just want to make sure I am not the one holding her back because I have no idea what I am doing.

Oh and one more thing...twice a week I teach an exercise class for senior citizens. Cambri comes with me and just plays in the room while I teach. Without fail she poops halfway through the class. I have been teaching since the middle of January and it has happened every single time. The room must give her some kind of urge or something. Knowing this do I just try to get her to go before we leave the house? I can't just stop midway through the class and take her potty. Or is it okay to keep a diaper on her during class?

I would love to be done with diapers but this potty training thing is out of my league! Help!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Few Things I Never Want to Forget...

Every day Nate and I talk about how much we love this little girl, and how blessed we are to have her as our very own. Many of Nate's friends from school will make comments about how they would never want to have children during med school. And some don't know if they ever want them. My favorite thing is to hear Nate tell me how sad he is for people that feel that way because he LOVES being daddy to Cambri. She is a breath of fresh air from all the other crazy stuff we have to deal with.
She is growing up too fast so I want to make note of a few fun things I hope to never forget.
Her precious smile when I tell her to say "cheese" to the camera. You have to be quick to catch this smile cause it doesn't last long. And most of the time she isn't looking at the camera when she is saying it.

Cam has an obsession with hats and beads. Even if the hat is just a tupperware bowl. She will put on her hat and beads and ask for music to be turned on so she can dance. We dance a lot around our house!

I know I already posted a picture about Cam's fantastic beadhead but this one is probably her best yet. Oh and the first request out of her mouth most mornings is "gogurt?"

We watched a little bit of the Mickey Mouse Club House and ever since Cams has been loving "Gucks".

Anything and everything that has to do with the potty is referred to as "poo poo". And for some reason Cam has chosen this bear to always be the lucky one to get it bottom wiped. Occasionally she will ask for a wet wipe to do the job. I found her in the bathroom doing a good job of cleaning the bear's bottom the other day.

Just a few more things...
If she finds you trying to catch a few moments of shut eye she will come up and knock her little fist right in the middle of your forehead. When you open your eyes she is right in your face to say "Hi!".
I love the way she adds and "a" to the end of many of her words such as "booka" Fooda" and "Moona"
I love that she LOVES babies. Baby Roman is usually the recipient of all of this love. She doesn't like anyone to hold him but rather she wants him to lay on the floor so she can "play with him". She will pull out any toy or book she can find and give it too him, but gets a little frustrated when he doesn't seem interested in them.
If you are lucky she will share her kisses with you but usually she just leans forward so you can give her a kiss on the forehead. Although there are many times she will grab your face and give you no option but to recieve a big wet kiss right on the lips.
The way she says mouse- "Fouse"
Spoon- "Boose"
The list could go on an on.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Fun...

I am still having a hard time believing that I really turned 28 years old this last week. That is way too close to 30 for my liking. But since there is no way to avoid getting older then we might as well celebrate right?...
Yesterday Nate threw a little bday party for me and showcased his infamous cake decorating skills. This year the design was a grand piano complete with white chocolate piano keys. I am impressed with his designs he comes up with every year and this one did not disappoint!
This many candles may just pose a fire hazard. I will have you know that I was able to blow out every single candle on that cake with one breath....barely, but I did it!
Apparently Cambri didn't think the icecream was being scooped out fast enough. She found the scooper and helped herself. No doubt this girl has a sweet tooth.
And this picture is what I found as I was downloading the pics to put on the blog...

I was at the gym teaching in the morning so Nate and Cams made the cake. Looks like Cambri definitely contributed her part. What we don't have is a picture of the scene I came home to...Cams in her high chair eating cake and blueberries. No wonder she doesn't miss me when daddy is home.

Being one that doesn't have a ton of hair, this little one wakes up with the best bed head!
Thank you to my little family and friends for making my birthday fun.