Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Fun...

We have had a fabulous time at home with our families. It took a bit of an adventure to get here but we made it. Actually it was only adventurous for Nate. Cambri and I flew home early to spend some time with my family. Nate and a few other friends drove back and got stuck in Wyoming because of the snow and had to spend the night in Cheyenne. Nate's adventure continued on his way from Utah to Idaho. In an attempt to save some money I rod with his sister to Idaho but there wasn't enough room for Nate so he had to take the airport shuttle. Poor guy always gets the shaft:) The shuttle showed up an hour late, ran into a coke truck, which caused the window to break, which cut the man sitting behind Nate in the eye, requiring the whole bus to go to the hospital, leaving Nate to ditch the shuttle in Pocatello and call his brother to come get him. It took him about 5 1/2 hours but he made it.

Cambri loved eating all the Christmas paper.

Our newest play toy.

I got to play Mary this year in the nativity scene.
Nate got to play the donkey.
One cute donkey:)
It is impossible to get a family picture where all three of us are looking at the camera.
Yea for getting a sewing machine! Now I can pretend to be crafty.
Just because she is so darn cute. This is Cambri helping us celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

Hope you all had a great holiday season. Now it is time for us all to reflect upon the past year and see what we can do to improve this coming year. I hope we as a family will be much closer to our Savior in the coming year. I know we have lots to work on. But also a lot of great things to enjoy. We are blessed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going for a walk...

Today the sun was shining and it felt so nice. The cold weather has been a bit depressing so a day like today was very much appreciated. Since we spend most of our days inside our little apartment I decided to go for a run and soak up some much needed sunshine and vitamin D. The path we ran on was so beautiful. And the weather just perfect. It is amazing how rejuvinating the sunshine can make you feel. Hopefully no matter where we all live we can experience a few of these beautiful days scattered through the cold winter.

Cambri all ready to go for a run.

I tried... be a good citizen that is. I decided that I wanted to do some sort of volunteer work this Christmas to help me get into the real spirit of things. So I did a google search and found an opportunity to work at the gift wrap station at the mall where all proceeds would go to the Children's Cancer Program. I totally love wrapping gifts so this sounded fun. This particular group provides summer camps and such to help kids with cancer feel like normal kids. Definitely a worthy cause worth giving my time to. Anyway, I email the coordinator only to find out that all the shifts were taken but there would be other opportunities to volunteer if I was interested. A few days later I receive another email that a shift has opened on Friday night from 4-10pm...yes that is 6 hours of wrapping presents. I did say that I love wrapping presents but I thought it would be a 2 hour gig. I mean I want to be a good citizen but 6 hours seemed a little extreme. I agreed to help out with the shift. So last night I make the trek to the mall to start the present wrapping marathon. There are 2 other girls that I will be working with. We get the quick run down on how everything works. Seems easy so we get geared up to wrap presents and we wait for the first costumer. We wait a little longer. We wait some more. Okay it has now been and hour or so and we have yet to wrap a present. By this point we are all trying to make small chit chat. Definitely the kind that has little to do about nothing, but it is awkward to just sit and stare at each other. And finally our first costumer! Bummer it was only one present and I wasn't the one to wrap it. So we wait some more. Yeah more costumers! Nope, they just want to know where the nearest restroom is. A little while later, we have two guys bring all of their Christmas shopping which provided about 3 presents for all of us. Not bad. This was around 5:45pm. The excitement was over by 5:55pm. Wow, really, 4 more hours of this.

At this point I decide to use my sick baby as an excuse, asking the other girls if they would be ok if I took off at 8 so I can go home and see how she is doing. Cambri really is sick, but Nate was doing just fine watching her, but seriously I couldn't take it anymore. I left at 8, stopped at the Gap to buy some cute gifts, and headed home to hang out with my family.

Maybe next year it will be better.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

6 Months and Loving it!

I can't believe Cambri is already 6 months old. Time is going by way too fast. I guess it is time to have another one:) Just kidding about that. Nate about had a heart attack when I even brought it up. I just love this little girl and want to express how grateful I am to be her mom (even though it is 10pm and she is screaming in her crib to get out. Oh wait, I think Nate just went in to rescue her. He is such a softie). We are working on teaching her she can't stay up late with the big kids. The picture of her above she is giggling at me shaking my head up and down. For some reason she finds it really funny.

This little one loves her food it shows. Chubby as can be!

My little stinker. Cambri got called a boy by two people when I had her dressed in this outfit. Not sure why people think I would dress her in tights and a dress.

One of Cambri's favorite pasttimes. Lately she likes to eat other peoples' toes too.