Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forgot to add this to the last post...

It actually has nothing to do with the last post but I wanted to mention that if you are looking for a cute frilly easter or Christmas dress (they are on clearance) for your little girl(s) you should check out and if you do get one make sure to use this code for a 15% discount FMLY15. I ordered some stuff and the computer had a glich so they cancelled my order and asked me to reorder and gave me the code to use and share with everyone. Oh how I love girly things!

Beware of the sizing. I had to buy a 12 month dress for Sadie to wear when he will be 6 months.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fancy Date Night...

Last night Nate and I got to attend the opening night of the Bodies Exhibit at the Idaho Falls Museum thanks to my fabulous inlaws who not only gave us the tickets but also babysat for us. We sure are going to miss the free babysitting when we move to Ohio. Cam is going to miss her grandparents like crazy. The night was a huge production which started out with hors d'oeuvres and drinks while checking out the exhibits and ended with a buffet style dinner accompanied by a live band. Dinner was delicious especially the fantastic chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I am pretty sure the cupcake was the highlight of my night:) Actually the exhibit was really cool. Nate and I had been wanting to go for a long time but couldn't justify spending the money so we were really excited about not only getting to go but to be wined and dined as well. The exhibit did not dissapoint and if you haven't been you should definitely do it if you have the chance.
I dyed my hair again. Pretty sure my hair is a different color in every picture I have. It turned out lighter and more red than I was expecting but I think I like it.
In other news I just thought you would enjoy a picture of this cute little critter...

Our Sadie bug is growing up too fast. She is almost sitting up on her own. This bug loves to laugh and it makes my heart melt.

And lastly, I am soooooooo ready for winter to be over. I turn into a grinch every time I go outside. I am falling asleep as I type. I guess that means it is time to go to bed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is high in the middle and round on both ends?....


I know that is totally cheesy, but it is what I think of every time I hear the word Ohio. I think I learned it back in grade school. Anyway, it is official that we will be moving to Massillon Ohio in June for Nate to start a residency program in orthopedic surgery. Getting into an ortho program isn't easy so I am very proud of Nate for working so hard and enduring through the process. At times it seemed like med school was so long and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Now I can't believe graduation is just around the corner and we will be moving onto our next adventure.

I don't really know much about where we are moving other than it is about 2 hours from where we use to live and they bread huge football players. This is the high school football stadium-
We will head out to Ohio the week before graduation to house hunt. I am more than excited to finally be buying our first home. At least I hope it works out that way. I am already designing what I want the girls' rooms to look like and I can't wait to be able to paint the walls. No more sterile white walls!!!
I am a little nervous about the whole idea of moving to a new place where I won't know anyone. We will be there for 5 years so I hope we can find our place and feel comfortable calling it home.
I am excited that we will live within 6-8 hours of a lot of cool places- Chicago, D.C., New York, Boston, etc. Since we will have 5 years we best be exploring a lot!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is what he have been up to lately...

1. Ice Skating- Cam was very uncertain about this whole ice thing from the beginning. After convincing her she was having fun she decided she loved it and didn't ever want to rest. Nate got a good workout that day hauling her around the ice.
My ice skating skills aren't that great so I slowly skated around the rink with Sadie strapped to my chest.2. Pony Parties in the Bathtub- This has become a nightly event.
I asked Cambri to give me a normal smile and this is what I got...

I blame it on her daddy:)

3. Turning 4 months old- This little one is getting chunkier by the day and I am loving every last fat roll she has. She got her 4month shots the other day and you would have thought she was going to die. This girl has a set of lungs on her. I warned the nurses before they gave her shots that she would be a screamer. But apparently I didn't prepare them enough. They were wide eyed and astonished. Yes we have a drama queen on our hands.
4. Eating some big girl food- I think this one is going to be a good eater. She loves her some cereal. The picture doesn't really do the mess justice.

And me, I am back on one of those sugar free kicks...kind of...I am off sugar except for Wed I can have a small treat and Sunday I can indulge a little more. I can't go cold turkey. I have to admit I think about what treat I am going to eat all week. Pathetic I know. If you want the chocolate chip recipe I tried click here. Its a keeper. I am also trying to cook some vegetarian meals a couple times a week. I was a fan of the soup I made. Nate, not so much. He says he isn't into rabbit food. But I promise it was yummy and if you want that recipe its here.
Speaking of Nate, he is currently doing an ER rotation here in Idaho Falls. It has been pretty chill because the docs didn't give him a schedule and they don't really expect him to come in that much. He is loving it and we are loving having him around more often.
Life has been pretty good to us these days. If only the little one would learn to sleep through the night. Yes I still get up with her every 2-3 hrs. Which means I am mucho jealous of those of you who have blogged about your babes (younger than mine) who sleep 10 hrs at a time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wishing and Wanting...

Do you ever have those days when you just feel picked on? I probably have them too often. Like every time I pretend shop on-line for cute clothes. I call it pretend shopping because I know I will never buy any of the clothes I put in the shopping bag. Or should I say can't afford any of the clothes. I know poor me right?:) Anyway, I know I am super blessed and I don't want to overlook any of those blessings, but a girl can dream right? Lately it seems my want list has grown exponentially (I hate that I just had to google that word to see how it is spelled). My want list does include some more important things in life but here are a few of the worldly things I desire...

This outfit from BR. I actually have gift cards to buy it, but want to wait until I am the size I want to be. I am holding out with the hopes that my p90x adventure will help me in my endeavors.

I really want this PB bedding for Sadie's nursery. I love everything about it. I have a beautiful brown rocker that would go perfect with it. And I have an obsession with blue walls.

And here is the bedroom I want for Cam. I love the tulle bedskirt. And I really adore the wrought iron bed. If I could paint I would even paint the tree on the wall.

I have been wanting one of these for a long time so I can take beautiful pictures of my children...

I suppose I would have to learn how to use it first.

I want to own a business like this It is basically my dream job.

I really really really want this bed from Restoration Hardware. I find it to be absolutely beautiful. I bet I would get the best sleep ever in a bed like this. I probaby need a beautiful bedroom to go with it too. And I will take a matress that doesn't hurt my back...

How about a little something to cover up the smell of spit up or the fact that I haven't showered for a couple days...

My latest obsession...

Nude heels.

I will take one of each please.

I will now stop dreaming and appreciate what I do have. That is a long list too. For starters I need to love on my baby who is asleep on my lap. There is nothing more magical than a sleeping baby.

Cross Country Skiing

Last Thursday Nate was able to take a day off from work so we headed up to Herriman State Park to Xcountry ski and then spend the night at the cabin in Island Park. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about taking our kiddos skiing. Good thing Nate had vision because it worked out perfectly. Cams loved riding in her sled and seeing the swans that were out on the river. But most of all she loved her yummy hot chocolate we drank when we stopped to watch the swans. If you ask her is she had fun she says yes and then proceeds to tell the story of how mommy crashed. I guess it is already time to get use to harrassment from my children. I carried Sadie in a chest carrier and she slept the whole time. If we get another sunny day we just might do it again. Nate pulling Cam. We just used a normal sled and made a make shift harness and it worked wonderful.
Yummy hot chocolate!
Sadie bug and I dressed in our pink snow outfits.
I am not always the biggest fan of snow activities. I don't enjoy being cold so I usually put up a stink about going to play in the snow. I am glad I have a husband that pushes it or I would probably be a hermit all winter. And in the end I always enjoy myself. Guess I need to stop being such a wuss and get out more often. If it weren't for Nate I would never have gone xcountry skiing or snowboarding. Turns out I love both of them. Thanks hubby. Maybe one day I can convince him that shopping is fun:).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

check this blog out please!

click here to find the cutest lunch ideas for kids. I cant wait to try them out on Cam!

In need of your help!...

I have tried a million different mascaras. I can't find one that I like. I don't do water-proof. I am too cheap to buy the expensive kind. Have you had any luck finding one you love? Would love your opinion please!