Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cam's Curls

From my last post there were a few people who commented about Cambri's hair. It is true she finally has some! It may not be thick and luscious, but it is cute. And yes it is curly. I love it. She even has a pretty red tint. I tried to get a picture of her smiling...virtually impossible. She knows what a camera is and she won't smile for it. So here is what I have to show her curls... She is pretty good at looking innocent.
Reading books...her very favorite pasttime.

This girl is ALL GIRL! We play house with her Little People and with her babies all day.
Love you!

Friday, September 25, 2009

She's a biter!...

It all starts innocent...

The two little ones begin playing and chasing eachother. They giggle and it is super cute. They even seem to share for a moment. And then...
Cambri decides to try and dance with George. It may sound like fun, but George doesn't like it much. I wonder why.

And then she takes his favorite truck away. George's truck is his best friend...you don't mess. But since Cami is bigger she takes it anyway.

And then they start to wrestle. Again it starts out innocent...but soon Cami is smashing George.

...And trying to attack him.

It would all be in the name of fun except before you can stop her she chomps her teeth into George's back. These battle wounds are minor compared to some in the past. She got a hold of his leg once and left a bruise in the form of her little chompers for days.

They really are best buddies and they get so excited to see eachother but the fun always ends with George in tears because Cams bit him.

Any advice? Does a 16 month old understand any form of discipline? I know she understands when I say no...but that usually isn't enough. It may be a stage that she will soon outgrow, but if there is anything I can do in the meantime I am so ready to try.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Way out of my league...

A few weeks ago I was asked to serve as the organist for our ward. Only problem is I have NEVER played the organ before. The Bishop was aware of this so he gave me the challenge to learn and said I could play the piano in the mean time if I needed to. Nothing like being stretched beyond your abilities. I was actually very excited about the challenge because I have always wanted to learn to play the organ. I just never thought I would be learning by self teaching.

Things have gone well so far... except for today. While playing a hymn that I am sure most people were not that familiar with, I somehow tapped a button with one of my fingers and all sound was turned off. I was horrified! I couldn't figure out what was wrong. The power was still on so I had a moment of panic. Everyone in the congregation continued to sing, a little unsure how to proceed. Luckily I only had a brain fart for a second and realized I needed to press a button on the front of the organ to reset everything. There really are too many buttons on the organ and I know how to use about 2 of them. After the congregation sang acapella for about one line of the song (can you imagine how awkward that was for everyone) I came in right on que to finish out the verse. I wanted to start laughing and if I would have looked at anyone I probably would have. I am so out of my league!!! Oh well, it can only go up from here. Or at least I hope so:)
Just look at all those buttons...so intimidating!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting use to it...

...I am not going to complain too much. Mostly because I know many of you have experienced far worse. Nate is in the 2nd week of his Internal Medicine rotation. He works at the hospital and his schedule is 7am-7pm everyday. With some days starting earlier or ending later. And only 4 days off the whole month. I am not use to him being gone this much. I was lucky to have him around a lot during the first 2 years of school. He often studied from home. But now he is a working man and I don't hear from or see him ever. Last night when he got home Cambri was so excited. She wanted nothing to do with me. Apparently we both miss him.

Everyone says this whole medical school thing will be worth it...I sure hope so!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What we have been up to...

...and pretty much a blog full of pictures of Cambri.

We have worked hard (at least Nate has) and we have played hard these last few weeks. Last weekend we took a day trip to Kirtland, Ohio to visit some of the Mormon church history sites. It is only about 90 minutes east of us so it makes for an easy getaway. Honestly Kirtland is amazing. There is so much church history there. I love being able to see all of these places in real life. Sure makes me appreciate the sacrafices that were made when the church was first organized. Makes me realize how blessed we are today.

This is in front of the Kirtland temple. Will someone please tell Nate that his shorts are funny looking. He bought them for a costume party a few years back and now he wears them all the time.

A senior missionary couple took us on our tour through all the sites and they were amazing. Luckily for us there was only one other couple in the group because Cams was a monster. She is just so loud...pretty sure she inherited that from the Rencher side.

Here she is trying to break all of the antique furniture used to decorate.

And here she is playing peek-a-boo with me while the rest of the crowd was learning about something cool. Note to self- don't bring a crazy 15 month old along when site seeing. She did have fun exploring but I think I need to go back to Kirtland without the babes so that I can get more out of the tour.

Our next stop was the beach...again. We love it here.

I just love those chubby little legs!

Yesterday we tried out the Toledo zoo and it was a success. We pretty much go to zoos because Nate loves them, but this time around Cams loved it. She growled and clapped for every animal. We actually had so much fun we decided to buy a membership. So it looks like we will be spending lots of time at the zoo. Does that make me lame that I have a season pass to the zoo:)?

I want to smooch that face! Both of them!

Her newest obsession...noses. And yes she is figuring out how fun it is to put her finger in her nose.

Like I said we played hard.

Now that I have completely dedicated this entry to Cambri I will share some new recipes that I have tried recently. I found them delicious so I thought you might enjoy.

There you have it...pictures of Cami and recipes. Intersperse a few sewing projects and that is pretty much what my life consists of right now. I kind of like the low key life I lead. It leaves a lot of time for visitors:)