Thursday, January 27, 2011

Makes a Momma Proud...

Yesterday Cambri grabbed my hand and told me I had to go to the bathroom. She pulled me into the bathroom and watched me go potty to make sure I did it. After we finished business she said, "I have to go exercise on the big tv". (This is what I always say to her when I am putting her to bed). We then went into the theater room where the big tv is and she did a good 5 minutes of p90x. I was told to sit and watch her. It was too funny to watch her try to mimic the moves. I am glad she thinks exercise is something you do for fun.

Its funny to hear Cams repeat the things Nate and I say to her regularly. She really enjoys putting us in timeouts. She is so stern when she tells us "to go to timeout and stay right there". I guess we must sound really mean when we say it to her.

This little one sure keeps us entertained on a daily basis.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yummy Recipes

Just in case you are looking for some yummy new recipes I thought I would share a few. I know I love it when others share successful dinner ideas.

Curry Chicken and Rice

1 TBSP Olive Oil
1 Med Onion (cut any way you like to eat them. I diced mine)
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp Curry Powder
1 can (12-14oz) unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup diced tomatoes (I used fresh but I suppose you could use canned)
2 TBSP tomato paste
1 lb chicken, 1 inch cubes
3 cups fresh baby spinach (I chopped it up)

1. Heat oil and add onions and salt, cook til soft. add curry powder, cook and stir 1 min.

2. Stir in Coconut milk, tomatoes, and paste. Cook 5 minutes

3. Add chicken and cook til chicken is done, stir in spinach and cook 3 min.

Salt and Pepper to taste
Serve over rice


Lettuce Wraps

1 lb ground turkey
1 TBSP soy sauce
1 tsp garlic
2 tsp ginger

Brown the meat and season with the rest of the ingredients

Saute whatever veggies you want. I used-

Shredded carrots

Dipping sauce-

1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup water
3 TBSP Lemon Juice
2 TBSP garlic
1 TBSP ginger
1 tsp sugar

Serve it all in a lettuce wrap. This one was a huge hit. I served it with this recipe from my friend's blog. Thanks Sara!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Come May 31st we will be enjoying this beautiful view! Instead of a cruise we opted to try out the Big Island of Hawaii. And I am soooooo excited! If any of you have ever been to the Big Island and have any fun ideas as to what we should do please share.

As for the p90x workout...

Enough people wanted to know what I thought so here is a quick run down-

I just officially started this last Monday but I did a few of the dvds last week too. In my opinion if I do the workouts to my best ability and try to eat healthy I should see some good results. The workouts are tough and no nonsense. It is definitely not geared toward the beginner although you can modify the workout to fit any fitness level. I am a fan thus far. It is a nice/sad reminder of how weak my muscles have become. The Chest and Back workout consists of a million push-ups and pull-ups. I for sure have to opt for the modification on the pull-ups. I have never been good at those things even when I was in shape.

I am only using exercise bands instead of weights. They work great. I haven't done the leg workout yet so I don't know if you have to have weights for that. I would probably prefer weights but they don't pack well and our car was already to capacity on our way here. And I am pretty sure we have doubled what we brought in toys alone from Chistmas.

The Plyometrics workout is a killer. And so is the ab workout. I don't love the Kenpo dvd. Its kickboxing stuff. It is a good workout but it very repetitious and I get bored with that stuff. I have some turbokick dvds from when I was teaching that I will substitute on those days. Today I will be doing the yoga workout and I am excited to try it out.

I would recommend this workout routine to anyone. I don't think its the one and only perfect way to get in shape but I think its a good way to do it. I would suggest doing it with someone. That way you have someone to push you and compete with. I can't talk Nate into doing it with me so I am going alone.

This is more than you probably cared to know. But I like to ramble:). Now it is time to go take a shower before the day is half over.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My quest to get back in shape...

Yes I am one of the millions of people who made the New Year's resolution to get in shape. Because once upon a time I had arms that looked like this...

And a belly that looked like this...

And now my arms look like this...

...and there is no need to share what my belly looks like. Trust me, it looks nothing like the picture above. Yes I could use the excuse that I just had a baby 3 months ago. But I know many people that have had many more babies than I have and they have rockin' bodies. I want to be like them. So I begin my journey doing p90x. I have also heard Insanity is pretty amazing so I will probably give that a try.

Working out as a mommy is definitely more challenging than pre-baby days. Especially since I am not teaching any group x classes. Trying to find time to exercise can be challenging, but I have always believed that my health is worth the time I must invest to be in shape. No, I don't need a rockin' body...that is just motivation to get my butt moving. But I do want to be a healthy mom who sets a good example for my girls.

I know one of the hardest parts about getting in shape is the results don't show up over night. Working out is hard and not always fun, and the scale doesn't always show the numbers we want to see. I am trying my best not to have the number on the scale be my goal. I truly just want to feel good.

I haven't worked out yet today so I guess I better stop talking and get moving...and put the chocolate down:).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We love our Sadie Bug...

Our little Sadie Bug is 3 months old. It is so fun to watch her little personality develop, yet I hate how fast time flies. She is turning into a little chunk and I love her round chubby cheeks.
Although she looks like a deer in headlights in this picture, Sadie is always smiling and I can't get enough of it. She loves to talk and she and I have lots of great "conversations". And her little laugh is the best.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to hold Sadie's Baby Blessing at my parent's house. It was a wonderful experience and the blessing Nate gave was great. It is always a special experience to hear Nate give our girls a blessing. Sadie was a bit of a stink and screamed through it until I stuck a bottle in her mouth. But after that she was happy as can be. We used the same dress that Cambri wore for her blessing so I am excited to compare the two girls and see if they still look alike.

I love the few pictures we have of our little family. People often comment on how my babies look asian because of their eyes. After seeing this picture you can definitely see why.

I will always love how small Sadie looks when compared to her daddy.

I love our little Sadie more than words can say.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Highlights 2010

Christmas this year was a party. Almost all of Nate's family was here at one point which meant lots of cousins for Cambri to play with. In the past she hasn't done well with the stranger anxiety, but she finally decided it was fun to have friends and she very much enjoyed running around with her cousins.

We are lucky to have so much family to enjoy during the holidays. We don't know if life will allow us to come home next year so we really cherished the celebrations.

Our pretty princess on Christmas Day.

Cam spends the majority of her day dressed up in either her tinkerbell or strawberry shortcake outfits.

Everyone needs a picture with spaghetti all over their face.

We made gingerbread houses (grahm crackers houses I should say.). Cams and I made a pink one. Of course.

Cams and Nate made this one-

And this would be what Cambri does when I ask to take a picture of her-

Or we get the goofy smile. She was proud of her Dora Back Pack.

Our little bunnies in their matching jammies-

Sadie was the youngest of the group so she got to play baby Jesus-

We had a ton of fun. Too much fun. Now it is time to get back to life and normal schedules before Cams gets use to going to bed at midnight. And this is the year for New Year's Resolutions. I made a ton of them. Nothing like seeting yourself up for failure right?:).