Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best Frenemies:)
(Clothes seem to be optional these days.  It is so hot I let them run around in their undies all day.  Secretly I am jealous I can't do the same.)

My girls are too cute when they decide to be buddies.  Listening to them play and giggle is priceless. 

The other day while they were playing I overheard Cambri say to Sadie, "Let's kill her with our booty shake!"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This and That...

Lots of pictures and details that are more for me than anything else so I won't be offended if this is one of those posts that gets overlooked:)  

The pictures are cute if nothing else.  
Sadie's 3 hour afternoon nap is starting to backfire.  Come 10pm the girl is not tired.  I put her in bed around 9 and an hour later she is yelling for me obviously far from sleep.  So for the last few nights I have had a buddy to hang out with.  She is pretty good at keeping herself entertained so I don't mind too much.  The above picture is night #1.
Night #2...If she wasn't so cute I might be able to just let her cry in her crib.
Night #3...I didn't rescue her from her crib and this is how I found her when I checked on her before going to bed.  She had thrown everything, including sheet and blankets out.  Nothing like sleeping on a plastic mattress:).
Ready to potty train!!!  (I figured I was going to need a little help as well so I made sure to pick up a few treats for me).  I am happy to report our efforts were successful and we now are diaper free at our house!  I will enjoy it for the short three months before baby brother gets here. 
When beginning the process I don't think we left the kitchen for two days.  I really didn't want to be scrubbing carpet all day.  I think my girls wish we potty trained everyday.  They have never had my undivided attention like this before.  And I let them do things that are usually off limits...blow bubbles inside, draw with markers all over their bodies (and mine), and eat candy and chips to their hearts content. 
We had a "sleepover" in the hallway too. 
And at our house one must always be a  princess even when potty training.

Just as a reminder for the next go around...the first two days were so hard and I was doubting myself for even trying.  Sadie is a very idependent child and what worked for Cambri did NOT work for Sadie.  Remember all those bribery treats from the picture?  Sadie was interested in them for 2 seconds.  Cambri (and Nate) ended up eating most of them.  I think when I potty trained Cambri we went through a million stickers and treats and she wanted them for months after being trained.  Sadie really didn't care about them at all.  She liked when we all got really excited and ran around cheering for her.  This is far too much information but I find it to be cute...she refers to her poop as snakes.  It makes me smile every time. 

I know I have been spoiled with two girls who have potty trained before turning two so I am well prepared to get a baby boy her stays in diapers til her is 6:)
We have loved having a hot tub in our backyard.  We keep it at a more of a swimming pool temperature so the girls think it is the perfect little swimming pool.  Both girls have become so comfortable in the water this summer thanks to Nate taking them swimming after he gets home from work.  I usually use this time to put my feet up and relax or get some cleaning done.   
Last but not least we celebrated Nate's birthday.  The BIG 3-0!!!  Unfortunately Nate worked all day and was on call all night so we couldn't do much to celebrate.  We did surprise him with some homemade decorations and balloons, shrimp dinner, chocolate pie for dessert, and a few presents.  He and I also went on a date last weekend.  We will be doing a bigger party with friends in a few weeks.  Through the month of July Nate has been on call every other day so we are pushing the big party and cake reveal until August...stay tuned:)