Thursday, February 23, 2012


Every morning I go to the gym and workout. I consider my workouts pretty intense. I am one of those weird people that enjoys the pain of a hard workout. During my workout I promise myself that the time I am spending at the gym won't be wasted...I will eat healthy, I won't eat too many calories, I will drink lots of water...the list goes on. Today was one of those days. My legs were on fire from squat jumps; shoulders burning from pushups. I was determined. So why come 6pm does all the willpower go out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriouslyit is so frustrating!

I didn't really eat crap food today. I just ate lots of food. And then finished the night with a bowl of cereal...just because.

I suppose the answer is going to bed at 6pm.

Or I could just buck up and be tough, but that doesn't sound very fun.

Tomorrow will be least til 6pm:)

Good Night!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Time to Catch Up...

I haven't been good at documenting our life for the last couple months. The only pictures I have are the ones from my phone. Life has been pretty uneventful (I am not complaining) which is why I haven't been great at blogging (that and I am addicted to Pinterest). But I am sad that so many memories have been lost due to my laziness. Time to cathc up!!!

I am super tired and my eyes hurt from working on the computer so please excuse any typos...

And since I can't seem to blog without pictures here is our life over the last few months in no particular order-

Don't you just wnat to squeeze this little puff ball! So cute!

Again excuse the picture quality, I was too lazy to pull out the real camera.

It is no wonder why Sadie runs from her sister any time she comes near her:)

One day they will like each other right?

In January Cambri and I got to go on a Mommy Daughter date to Disney on Ice. Cambri was soooooooooooooooo excited. She loved every minute of it. Unfortunately she started running a fever about half way through the show. She sat on my lap and cuddled the whole time. 5 minutes into our car ride home she was sound asleep. Luckily the next day she still had good things to say about the show and was asking if she could go again with her daddy.

Here we are celebrating New Year's Eve at 9pm (cause we are party animals like that).

We actually had a lot of fun playing games with friends. I think we were home by 10pm. Nate and I stayed up long enough to celebrate with some sparkling apple cider. I was asleep by 12:03am. Nate was crazy and stayed up to watch the Chronicles of Narnia.

A goal of ours for 2012 is to go on dates at least 2x a month. For our anniversary in December I gave Nate a year of planned dates (thank you Pinterest). January's date was Crazy Bowling. We used Skittles to determine how we had to bowl on our turn. Each color was a different style. None of the skittles allowed us to bowl normal. We looked rediculous. Especially since we went on Friday night and the rest of the bowling alley was full of bowling leagues. I am not sure they appreciated our lack of professionalism.
I had to bowl this way almost every time it seemed. It didn't prove to be very successful.

Nate and I got in trouble for using the flash on our camera phone cause it was distracting to the bowlers 5 lanes away from us.....Really people?!!!

The final score? Nate 79 Me 44.

Lucky for me the winner wasn't necessarily the one with the high score. We guessed at the beginning of the game what we thought each other would get. I guessed better:)

Slowly but surely I am getting the trim painted in our house. I finally have the entryway done. I still want to paint the walls but that will have to wait.

I was going to make a list of the projects I have accomplished since last blogging but just realized it isn't that impressive. Bummer I thought I had been doing well. Maybe next month I will have more to show.

Cambri is turning into a big girl right before my eyes. This pictures makes her look so long!

She is loving preschool and ballet. She conquered her fear of gymnastics but it isn't her favorite. She loves to color and we usually color at least once a day. Still a momma's girl. Has an obsession with holding my thumb...not really sure why. Wants to be my big helper. Can't wait until it is her 4th birthday. Love Her!

Sadie...Daddy's girl through and through. And not just a little bit. If Daddy is home you will find Sadie following him around like a puppy. She screams if I try to take her away from her dad. Little Stinker! Everyday she gets more adventurous. Today in fact she fell out of her crib. She is only 16 months old!!! She loves her big sis and wants to be just like her. Is already a big tease. Loves to dance. It is adorable when she does. Love Her!!!

Doesn't every good mom let their child play with markers?

There you have it, our random life in pictures.