Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holding back the tears...

unfortunately it isn't working. I actually did really well until I started typing this blog entry. Now I can barely see the screen as I type.

The whole goodbye situation doesn't feel real yet because I am excited to go home to Utah and we will be back in Des Moines for a few days to pick up our stuff before heading to Ohio. I am sure there will be no stopping the tears at that point.

When I really think about it all, I hate it. I love my friends here in Iowa. I don't want to have to start all over again. I tried to talk a few of them into moving out to Sandusky with me. Apparently they weren't very persuaded by the idea:)

I fly out of here at 11:45am tomorrow. Wow...were did the time go. The extreme heat index the last few days is making it easier to leave. Remember how I said this place wasn't that bad just a few weeks ago...I was tricked. Iowa has two really pretty weeks in the Spring and Fall that make this place seem close to heaven. But it is all just a trick. The rest of the year is miserable. Somehow all the people here are really nice and happy...go figure. It must be those few weeks and wonderful people that have made me fall in love with Iowa. I will miss it.

I will do a better tribute to Iowa later when I get some pictures. For now I will just say Thank you to everyone that made the last two years ones that I will remember and cherish forever. Despite my complaints about the weather, this place provided a lot of great memories.

Good bye Iowa.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Living in Chaos...

I only have 8 more days as an official Iowa resident. Honestly I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I can't decide how I feel about it. There are a lot of things that I will miss so much and it breaks my heart to think of the goodbyes. But it is exciting to know that Nate will be starting his 3rd year of med school. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I can't complain because I am not the one in the library 24/7 studying for boards (the test that determines our future basially). Truly he studies at least 12 hours a day. But I am the one at home with the baby on a Saturday night with nothing better to do than watch House Bunny (or should I say no motivation to do anything more than watch a stupid movie). Needless to say I am looking forward to having a month of no school or work and all play.

Since Nate is studying around the clock my job is to pack our apartment. I do as much as I can while the little one sleeps. Pretty much I have turned our place upside down and we are living in a mess of boxes. Of course once the packing starts so does all the purging. That is one thing I love about moving...you can get rid of all the junk. How does so much junk build up so fast? We move every year so you think we could keep it at a minimum. Oh that is right, I am married to a Rencher. Which means we hold on to everything. Even if it has seen better days. The beauty of it is I am doing the packing so I get to sneak the junk into the throw away pile and Nate won't notice it is gone until it is too late:)

I must embrace chaos because that seems to be the way I roll. We will be packing all our stuff into a storage unit this Saturday. Cambri and I fly to Utah or my little brother's wedding the following Wednesday. Nate will take his test on the 27th of this month and then drive home to meet us. We then get to enjoy a month of play with family and friends before we make the incredibly long trek back to Iowa to pack everything in the UHaul. And on we go another 10 hours to our new home, Sandusky Ohio.

Life is an adventure!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday Girl...

Yesterday was Cambri's birthday. And yes the past year has gone by so fast. Crazy to think that last year we were hanging out in the hospital with a newborn while there was a tornado warning (code black in hospital terms) going on.
It is hard to believe I have a baby that is not really a baby anymore. This little girl is the best thing in the world. She makes being mom so easy and entertaining.
I had lots of fun putting together a little princess party for her. I hope she appreciates the pictures one day. Lots of friends and family spoiled her and made it such a special day for us. Thank you so much!
I think she looks so big and old in this picture.

Looking like her daddy more and more each day. Although I did pull out a baby pic of me the other day and it looks just like Cambri. This picture makes me want to give her smooches all over.
Cambri's princess cake. Suprisingly she was a very dainty cake eater. Not usually the case when there is food in front of her. We took video of her eating the cake so I don't have any still shots of it.

The rest of us enjoyed yummy cupcakes.

As of her birthday eve she started walking. She has been so close for so long but has been very timid. I guess she found the courage because she now takes about 6 steps before taking a dive into your arms. But it is still only when she wants to do it.

Cambri with Aunt Nikki. The little one LOVES Aunt Nikki. Probably because she knows she can get what she wants from her. And she is constantly spoiling her with cute clothes from Baby Gap. Thanks to Nikki, Cambri has style.Today we sported the new swimsuit that Liz gave her for her bday. Love the hula skirt!

Cambri actually hated playing in the cold water and sand. I guess we are all girl. Her buddy Mark found it very fun to eat the dirt and splash in the water. We will have to work on making Cambri a little tougher.
I am looking forward to another year of fun. Seriously this girl just keeps getting more fun every day. Oh and I think we can officially say that momma is her first word. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Summer!

Today I bought some strawberries from the grocery store. Let me tell you, they were so delicious! I love Summer and all the yummy fruits and veggies...so fresh! The scrumptous strawberries brought back so many wonderful summer memories. Funny how food will do that. There is truly nothing like Summer. It is about this time of the year that I fall in love with Iowa again. The long cold winter is rough on my spirits and I am pretty sure that Iowa is the worst place on earth. (I felt the same way about living in Utah during the winter...I was meant to live in Hawaii or something). But once the sun decides to shine and the green trees return I realize Iowa really is amazing. I will have to post some pictures of just how pretty it is here.
So here is my tribute to strawberries for making me so happy today!
So many amazing options. I am thinking the chocolate covered strawberries might be the winner!

I think I just might have to learn how to make homeade strawberry jam.
Yeah for SUMMER!
Now go eat some delicious fruit!