Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 4...

Today I am grateful for a healthy body that is able to carry my babies to full term.  I follow a design blog of a girl who had her first baby at 24 weeks.  She is pregnant with her second baby and was put on bedrest in the hospital at 24 weeks.  The hope is to get her to 30 weeks at least.  Obviously even at 30 weeks there will be lots of medical intervention to help the baby develop and thrive.  I can't imagine being in her shoes.

The last month of pregnancy is HARD for me.  My short little body just doesn't have room for my growing little baby.  Everything hurts and I have no energy to give to the rest of my family.  I am truly in survival mode.  Today I was a total grump and had little patience with my girls.  I find myself feeling jealous of people who deliver perfectly healthy babies at 38 weeks.  I would be done with pregnancy and holding my sweet baby boy right now if that were the case for me.

But I can't help but think back to the blog I follow and the struggles that this girl and her family are facing and will be facing in the near future.  I have nothing to complain about!

My body may look absolutely ridiculous right now, and truly there isn't a muscle or joint in my body that doesn't ache, but soon this will all be over and the blessings will far outweigh any struggles it took to get our little boy here. 
 Me at 38 weeks...huge I know.

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