Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Kade's Birth Story...

Just 10 days old
(Thank you Annie Pinegar for taking such amazing pics of my baby!!!)

It all began around 4:15 am on Monday November 12...

I got up to go to the bathroom for the 100th time that night.  While going to the bathroom I felt a little pop.  My water had finally broke!!!  I was grateful to be on the toilet.  It was a rather large amount of water...and it just kept coming.  (If that was too graphic you may not want to continue reading).  

I yelled to Nate that I was pretty sure my water broke.  He was still asleep and way out of it.  He later said that when he first heard me he thought I said the water pipes were broken.  He was then frustrated that our home warranty had just run out and we would have to buy a new water pump:)  

Once he figured out what I was really talking about he asked me how I knew if it was my water.  Apparently the fact that a gallon of water had just come out of me wasn't a good enough clue:)  His next asked what it looked like...he was in serious denial.  I got up to check out what it looked like so I could tell him and more water started gushing.  I decided I better stay put for the next few minutes.  

At this point I started freaking out just a little.  It was 4am and we didn't have anyone to watch the girls yet and my bags were not packed.  Baby boy came a few days before we had anticipated (not complaining:). 

Luckily we have awesome friends and family.  Karalynne responded to a text message within minutes and was at our house within the hour.  Nate's mom responded to the text just as quickly, bought a plane ticket and was in Ohio by 4pm.  Later I found out that another friend watched my girls while Karalynne went to her doctor appointment and another friend picked Nate's mom up from the airport.  

I got to the hospital before contractions were too painful and decided I wanted to wait awhile before getting an epidural.  I was still not very dilated and I didn't want to be stuck in bed all day.   
One of my many potty trips.
My belly in all its glory:)

Once the contractions started kicking in I stayed in bed for the most part.  I was told that I needed to either get an epidural at this point or wait another couple hours because the nurse anesthetist would be in a few c-sections.  I opted to wait, but soon started freaking out (for the second time).  Contractions were getting painful and were happening every 1-2 minutes.  I wasn't sure I could wait it out a couple hours.  But I still wasn't ready for the meds.  So I opted to wait.  About 20 minutes later I had a small breakdown and told Nate I was scared I made the wrong decision.  He and the my nurse were good to assure me that they would help me through it.  The doc came in a little later and told me I should at least get the epidural placed and that way medicine could be pushed at anytime.  I didn't even know this was an option but it sounded good to me.  The nurse anesthetist came in shortly after, placed the needle and then talked me into having a test dose.  It was suppose to just numb me a little and then start to wear off.  I was in enough pain at this point I was okay with that.  Unfortunately it numbed me a lot.  I couldn't feel a dang thing anymore.  My contractions slowed down and became irregular.  So I asked them to turn the meds off.  My left side of my body stayed pretty numb for awhile but I was able to get feeling back in my right side pretty quickly.

We are having loads of fun at this point:)

Once I got to an 8 I decided I wanted the drip turned back on.  Again I was told this would just numb me a little.  Nurse anesthetist didn't think the drip would do much at this point so he blasted me with a full dose (Seriously not a fan of him at this point).  Soon after this I was fully dilated and ready to push.  We had to wait for the doctor to get there so my nurse made me keep my legs closed.  She was scared she was going to deliver this baby.  

It came time to push and I was so numb I couldn't feel anything.  Baby's heart rate was starting to plummet so I was placed on oxygen.  Since I was so numb I couldn't push effectively at all. After trying to push a couple times baby wasn't doing well so doc had to pull out the forceps.  I was so frustrated knowing my baby was in trouble and I couldn't do anything to help out.  

Luckily the doc did an awesome job and had baby out quickly.  He was born at 1:03pm.  (9 hours from beginning to end)  Babe was super purple though so I didn't get to hold him.  The nurses took him away to work on him.  Nate followed baby while I delivered the placenta and got stitched up.  I kept looking at Nate to see if all was okay.  When he couldn't give me an answer I started crying.  

Soon things improved and after getting baby weighed I finally got a chance to hold him.  I was so grateful to be holding my precious baby boy.  He was pretty beat up and still a little purple but to me he was perfect.  
 7lbs 11oz   20.5 inches
 (I think he looks just like his sisters did).

It took us a few days to name him (not surprising).  We had it down to 3 names and Nate told me I could pick whatever I wanted from the three names.  I took full advantage of having free reign and he was soon named Kade Jackson Rencher.  I love my baby Kade!


Trent and Julie said...

Way to go!! You are amazing! Miss and Love you. I hope you have a great Christmas. Love You!!!

Brady and Katie said...

Oh I just love the first picture of him. What a handsome little guy. Do his sisters just adore him? I hope you are all doing well and glad that the delivery ended well.

Joe and Samantha Vickers said...

Loved reading your birth story! Way to go mama!
Hope I get to see you this summer and that our little ones can meet in person.
Love you!

adam and marci said...

Such a darling baby! Congrats to you and how fun to have a baby boy. Hope you guys are doing well. Think about you often.